paragliding tandem flying

TANDEM flying… Where you fly together with a certified Tandem Pilot.

Tandem flights use a wing large enough to hold two people, an instructor and a passenger. Each person is seated comfortably in their own harness which are attached together, with the passenger in front, and the pilot right behind. Once we are soaring, the pilot can easily talk to the passenger and explain how to control the paraglider. If the conditions are right and the passenger is willing, the pilot can turn the controls over to the passenger and let them experience what it is like to fly an unpowered craft. Bring your camera because this is an experience you will not forget! Tandem flights usually last around 15 minutes. Experience the exhilaration of flight–looking something from another perspective which is from the sky!

Tandem flying is not a solo flying, you will fly with experienced pilot together. And pilot will control flying, and will provide all services related launch, flying, landing, action video recording, and etc.
You have to follow all of his instruction for your safety.If you want to try solo flying, you have to proceed 1 day challenge or higher courses. You will learn all necessary lecture for your solo flying.

Basic Tandem Course
10~20 minutes flying with experienced pilot (Flight time can be varied by the weather condition)
mostly we enjoy ridge soaring that enable you can stay in the air longer
2,500P weekday, and 3,500P weekend (group discount available)

Extreme Tandem Course
If you are a professional photographer, or want to fly long long flight as you like, or want to special sunrise or sunset flight. You can accommodate with us.

Online booking is available through this website, you fill out all necessary information include advance deposit(mostly 50%). And your booking will be listed on your expecting date with higher priority.
We do our best to allocate your booking on best weather condition. We seriously avoid overbooking to provide best flying for you.
We will inform you other possible date(s) if your expecting date is not flyable in case of bad weather.
Your booking is available for 3 months for reasonable postpone or reschedule matter.
Please consider pilot’s preparation for your tandem flying

What to prepare
Cloths : We recommend long pants and sleeves, we are not liable for the minor scratch that can happen because you are not wearing long.
Shoes : any convenient shoes that you can run, but not sleeper.
Drinks : drinkable water.
Sun Blocks : cap, sunglasses, and sunblock
Others : camera

Flying Site can be changed by the weather condition. Possible location in Metro Manila as follow
Binangonan, Rizal  or Carmona, Cavite – available during Amihan season (Oct ~ June)
San Mateo, Rizal – available during Habagat season (June ~Oct)