Tandem flying rates

Our rate can be changed without notice. All rate is applying for the passenger who booked through our website.

Tandem Course
Detail Flight Time
GoPro Rate
passenger control
Regular flying for first tandem flying 8 ~15 Optional 2,400p for Monday, Tuesday
2,500p for Wednesday~Friday
3,000p for Saturday, Sunday
Art flying

for extreme flying.

Aerobatic flying such as Wing over, spiral turn,

and fast deep fall & climb

8 ~15 Optional 4,000p weekday
4,500p weekend 


Intermediate for fly high and far 20 ~30 included 5,000p weekday
5,500p weekend 


(XC flying)

for fly high and very far.

Experience very very special flying.

40 ~ 60 included 7,000p weekday
7,500p weekend
  • The price is only for advance deposited passenger. Non advance deposited passenger will have 500p surcharge. 
  • We recommend regular course who want to try first time.
  • Intermediate and Special course is for who want to learn paragliding or professional purpose. It can cause dizziness or vomit in case of rough weather condition.
  • Discount policy : 10% in case of more than 5 passenger, Silver discount, birthday, and etc. Please inquire detail