Flying sites

Our Flying Sites

We are managing several flying site near Metro Manila. There are 2 seasons in the Philippines like other tropical countries. 

The one is dry season, it mostly starts Oct until May next year. Usually we have strong trade wind coming from the East – pacific ocean. The other is wet season. Wind is coming from the west with lots of moisture during June to September. However, it’s flyable most of days during wet season even there are local shower except end of July – Aug.

We used to fly in Carmona Cavite because it’s very near to Metro Manila. But the owner of property planning to develop that area. So it’s (temporary) closed.

Our Flying Sites

San Mateo / Rizal

Wet season

Arayat Pampanga

Will open soon
Cardona Rizal
Dry season - open now
Pililia Rizal
Wet season

We have several flying as above. You can click the picture if you want to know more detail.