Lesson Course

Paragliding & Hanggliding Courses

Watch PARAGLIDING video introduction

Paragliding & Hanggliding Courses

Watch HANGGLIDING video introduction

3 days course for solo flying
Include lesson, equipment rental and etc
Level up-to independent solo flying pilot
License PG1 level

10 days full course
Include lesson, equipment rental, and etc
From intro level and up-to soaring
License PG2 level, can join club after course

Hanggliding Regular Course

All necessary hanggliding course
Ground training, slope training, simulation, meteorology, turning technique, 360 circling technic (thermaling), and etc.

Our team pilots

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible designs.

Max Lee

Hanggliding & Paragliding Instructor

Michael Vincent

Paragliding Instructor

Buco Pie

Paragliding Instructor

Uwe Klein

Paragliding Instructor

We are providing paragliding and hanggliding lesson from beginner to professional level.


about Paragliding

Paragliding solo beginner course (5 day)

Paragliding regular course (10 days)

Hanggliding regular course (15 days)