About Us

We had started at Osom(Kyoungkido, near Seoul) in Korea year 1999 by Max Lee after joining his first World Hanggliding Championship in Monte Cucco – Italy. Had been provided hanggliding, paragliding, and ultrlight training include related equipment sales at that time. It lasted until 2004 before he moved Philippines to develop flying boat projects in Boracay island.  And he started paragliding training lesson and tandem operation in Carmona first time in Philippines year 2010 with support of local association and many friends. He was busy for couple of years for his own IT business.

Since 2015, he set up school and club again with original name as ‘CLOUDBASE paragliding’ club based on Carmona, Binangonan and San Mateo Rizal flying sites. Offering not only lesson and tandem flying, but also providing professional repair service. 
Cloudbase is working with association, and nationwide network with local pilots. Providing licensing programs include tandem flying.
Cloudbase providing also hanggliding. Still moving forward to cloud…..

Brief history

1999 : Established for training hanggliding, paragliding, ultralight, kiteboarding and windsurfing
2000~2004 : Had joined several world championship all over the world
2010 : first paragliding lesson in Philippines
            first paragliding tandem flying in Philippines
2017 : Had developed Binangonan flying site
2018 : Binangonan Club house (5,000 sqm) with High5paragliding, FlyExtreme, and etc,.
2019 : San Mateo Rizal take off expansion project
2020 : The Philippine International Hot Air Ballon Fiesta 2020


Email : cloudbase1111@gmail.com 

Landline : 02 7949 8009 Mobile : +639991051748