Regular Course


Learn to paraglide with us located in near Metro Manila Philippines. With us you can come as a complete paragliding beginner and leave after just 2 weeks with a FAI PPHGA paragliding licence whilst learning in a country with the highest paragliding safety standards in the world.

Complete beginner to qualified paraglider pilot

This is an intensive paragliding program aimed at people who are complete beginners and would like to leave with a paragliding licence that allows them to fly unsupervised. This comprehensive syllabus combines the beginner course and will take you from your first steps in learning to fly through to being a qualified and confident pilot. This is a world standard qualification equivalent to the international level 2-3.

Our location allows you to take advantage of the excellent weather conditions for maximum airtime! Many students struggle with the climate or terrain in their home country when trying to complete their pilot qualification but due to our exceptional climate we have almost a 100% success rate for students getting qualified in just 2 weeks.

The aim of this course is to take you from a complete beginner who has possibly never even seen a paraglider before to a qualified and confident pilot ready to go and discover new and exciting places to fly.

This course is split into two 5-day courses which run every week from Monday to Friday with a weekend to rest in the middle.


From complete beginner to getting a paragliding licence. We can organize that your pilot licence is accompanied with International proficiency card level that it is recognized worldwide. 


  • 12 days, (Two 5-day courses with a weekend rest in the middle).


  • COURSE: 60,000 pesos
    Included: All tuition and rental equipment, all transport during course.
    Included: 10 days tuition, 12 nights accommodation with breakfast, all transport during course.


Our regular paragliding courses run every month except rainy season(except July and August). Courses start every Monday to Friday. Please contact us to finalize your schedule. We will fully support you and will organize airport pickup service if needed.

Daily Course Intro

Day 1 : Prinicipal, Ground training, Simulation for controlling glider

Day 2 : Ground handling glider for forward and reverse launch

Day 3 : Ground handling, first solo flying over radio

Day 4 : Safety clinic, Second solo flying

Day 5 : Safety clinic, Solo flying, right and left turn

Day 6: Solo flying – 360 turn right and left

Day 7 : Solo flying – ridge soaring

Day 8: Solo flying – ridge soaring repeat

Day 9: Solo flying – thermal soaring

Day 10 : Solo flying – thermal soaring repeat