Unforgettable Memory

Flying with tandem paragliding is the most ideal, enjoyable, and safe way to fly. Fly over the Roman countryside sustained by smooth ascension air currents is an amazing experience for everyone! The first fly with paragliding is an unforgettable memory for the rest. We can try to describe it with 1000 words, but it is useless…you just have to try and see for yourself!

Tandem paragliding Rome

There is no jump into the void, no fear or vertigo, only an amazing relaxing sensation. Flying with paragliding under the guide of our highly experienced pilots is an intense experience where serenity and admiration are the dominant emotions. It is like a dream to try at least once in your life. In addition, it is a very special and unique gift to give and share for unforgettable moments such as weddings, anniversaries, degrees, birthdays, and other special moments.

Tandem paragliding in Rome is practiced on several takeoffs about one hour distance from the city. The weather forecasts are the principal choice for the takeoff selection. Indeed, good weather condition are at the base of an amazing EXPERIENCE. From every takeoff site it is possible to see the wonderful Roman countryside and in some cases ancient Roman buildings.

Tandem paragliding Rome

The adventure begins meeting the pilot that will bring you to the selected flying site. He will give you all the necessary information and will show you the paraglider and the flying principles. Once at the the takeoff site, the pilot will do a brief meteorological lesson and of course the takeoff briefing. And then…

one deep breath…one, two, three steps…. and off we fly!

The Sky Experience tour is normally a half day long and the fly time is about 30 minutes per person with a maximum of 2 people per pilot. It is a very exclusive experience and, if there are favourable conditions, the duration of the flight can be long as you want: remember that our pilots love to fly. This is an experience to live and to share with friends through the high resolution video cut and edited like the example in gallery section.

The flying can be interrupted in every moment if the passenger needs. And with favourable conditions the passenger can also try to pilot a paraglider!

Towards the end of the paragliding experience it is time to land softly and to start dreaming of the next flight!

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