Paragliding Tandem Flying

Paragliding Tandem Flying

Enjoy aerial views of Carmona-Cavite or Binangonan Rizal over Laguna Lake on a 10-15 minute scenic paragliding flight near Metro Manila in Philippines.

Flying with an experienced tandem pilot, you’ll discover the beauty of flight on Philippines highest commercial paragliding tandem. 

You will take off 100 m with fluent lift. And fly up close to cloud(depends on weather condition) and take in amazing views of the surrounding jungle s and mountains.

A gentle descent or thrilling aerobatics, the choice is yours before landing softly next to your car.

The Launch…

After a short safety briefing and equipment check, the launch is as simple as a few quick steps down the hill.

In the air, our harnesses are extremely comfortable and you will be able to talk with your pilot during the entire flight.

The Flying Experience…

There is nothing that comes close to the experience of flying in a paraglider. We feel its about as close as you can get to flying like a bird.

You can hear the sound of wind flow over the mountain, see the birds flying, take in the amazing views of the Southern part of Manila.

We will continue to make a gentle descent into landing softly on the top or grass field. The entire flight time can range between 10-15 minutes depending on conditions.


Paragliders are remarkably maneuverable aircraft, can be looped upside down and reach up to 6G in a spiral.

If you are interested, your pilot can offer an adrenaline pumping aerobatic experience at the end of the flight.


  • Frank C. SanNicolas | Feb 10,2019

    I am interested in experiencing & learning hangliding. Will be leavin P.I. friday, 2/15/19.

  • Frank C. SanNicolas | Feb 10,2019

    I am interested in experiencing & learning hangliding. Will be leavin P.I. friday, 2/15/19.
    Will be returning.

    • admin | Mar 6,2019

      Hi Frank.
      Thanks for your message.
      I will send you a message through email.

      Max Lee.

    • admin | May 22,2019

      Hi Frank.
      Are you still in Philippines?
      Please contact me direct.
      0999 105 1748

      Max Lee.

  • rommel mabunga | Apr 21,2019

    Truly an awesome experience. The professionalism of the Team and their high regards to safety is highly recommendable. Cheers.

  • Loida Dealca | May 21,2019

    Hi! Is there an age limit in paragliding? Do we have to bring medical certificate? Thank you.

    • admin | May 22,2019

      Hi. Loida.
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      Basically. No age limit. But we recommend have some physical statues. Because we need to climb a mountain from parking to take off around 10 minutes.

      Max Lee.

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