Happiness of Paragliding

Happiness of Paragliding

Having three tattoos – all symbolising FREEDOM, flying high was something that has always been close to me. Being an adventure freak what better place than Billing to have my own flight of fantasy – a Paragliding experience.


Located almost around 30 minutes from Bir – home to a Tibetan refugee settlement with several Buddhist monasteries and a large stupa, the beauty of Billing , lies in its scenic beauty and the surrounding mountains and dense forests.

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The experience of Tandem Paragliding in Billing gives completely new feeling as you see yourself-flying like a happy bird over the Dauladhar mountain range –an experience to remember for lifetime. The magnificent view of the mountain and the seasoned gliders coming here during the flying time have made this place as one of the most sort after paragliding spot in the country. (The Paragliding World Cup India 2015 is being held here this year from 23rd to 31st October 2015)


As you make you way up there with your glider up towards the sky, the experience sure is gonna give you a paradigm shift. It was going to my first paragliding experience ever – my first ever leap of faith that I would be taking with my seasoned glider Amit. With shute loaded, all locks perfectly checked, all I knew was that I had to jump at the count of 3 and 1, 2, 3 I was already UP there. All it takes it is that one jump over the ledgeIt was a moment of perfect and pure ecstasy. I knew my skilled instructor would give me the best experience of my life – a bag full of memory to carry back.

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It felt like I have spread my wings far and wide, till where my imagination could take me and my tandem guy Amit was an expert and he just knew the right kind of view that would enchant me. It was fourty minutes of sheer ecstasy. Once you are there amidst the clouds, making your way around them, kissing and saying a Hello, at that point nothing else matters. The sound of the wind brush passes you while you are seated comfortably up there, yet flying and all I could do was scream in excitement. It was my moment of ultimate happiness.

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As I saw other gliders fly past me, Amit asked would I like to get a bit adventurous and try some somersaults. How could the child in me say a NO. I was all charged for that feel and zip-zap I toppled- turned all over in the sky. A feeling for which words fall short to express.

bir billing

With my heart still pounding I had my landing and with few deep breaths, I gathered myself.  I felt that I had I just come back from my journey back from heaven. With this feeling of freedom it’s time to move on and conquer the world.

Amit was my MAN who gave me “That flight of fantasy”

bir billing

Best Time to Visit: March-May and September-November

Contact Person: Amit Goswami, Contact Number: 94591-43618

Stay: You can book yourself a room at the Chokling Monastery at Rs 800 per night, or if you are staying at McLeodganj then it’s a two hours drive from there.

“The reference is totally on personal experience”


  • Jenny | Apr 19,2019

    One of my bucket list is to try para gliding.

    Can you please advise the price and how I can successfully fulfill this?

    Thank you.

    • admin | May 2,2019

      Hi Jenny.
      Sorry my late answer.
      I was really busy recently in flying site.
      I am accessing internet seldom due to no internet connection on site.
      However, if you want to try tandem flying, please fill out online form.
      And I will send all the detail information for this activity.

      Max Lee.

  • Ricaredo Josef | Jul 16,2019

    Good day Max, I’m the father of Ms Pamela Josef. we are the last passengers (almost Night time, sometime last April 2019) of paragliding Tandem Flying.
    Presently I’m here in Saudi Arabia. I’m willing to take Basic Course for paragliding when I’m in the Phil next Dec 2019. Could you Please update me about the course.

    • admin | Aug 1,2019

      Hi Ricaredo.
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      I will send you our basic course detail to your email.
      How’s the weather in Saudi?


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