Implementing the latest technologies

Since the beginning, one thing has always driven us; we wanted to have the better compromise between passive safety, performance and durability on our wings. To do so, we added the latest discoveries to our gliders in order to have the most up-to-date performance and safety features. We were in the very first brands to be working on 3-liners and then on 2-liners gliders. Also, we implemented other technologies such as mini-ribs on the trailing edge, our own 4NHR technology (4 non-hanged-ribs), shark-nose leading edge and many others.
Testing the prototypes
Our team of test pilots was always filled with very talented competition pilots such as David Ohlidal, Michal Šneiberg, Stéphane Loisy, and most lately Stanislav Klikar and Téo Bouvard who are able to use their wide experience in all types of conditions to test the gliders to their fullest.

Venus SC | Certification model | Villeneuve, Switzerland | March 2018

Since the beginning, all the wings were tested by the appropriate international laboratories and have matched the certification that was valid at this time, now we are submitting the gliders to the EN/LTF certification.
Chosing the best materials
We have been experimenting all kinds of materials for the canopy from different manufacturers to finally decide we would only work with the n°1: Porcher Sport Skytex (27, 32, and 38g/m²).
In terms of lines, we have chosen to use Liros PPSL Dyneema lines and Vectran lines.
We made these choices after long phases of comparison between materials, weighting the pluses and the minuses of each one to end up to what we think is the best compromise optimal balance of durability, lasting performance and strength.

Manufacturing in our factory since the beginning
A team of qualified experts supervises production in our locals in Brno and Blansko (Czech Republic). Most of the staff are active pilots. Their expertise and well-developed system of production eliminates possible mistakes ensuring that our customers then receive quality products. We also provide a complete after sale service and technical check-up.
From the materials to the manufacturing, everything is 100% made in the European Union. Our factory is working since the very beginning in Czech republic and it will stay like this !

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