Binangonan flying site

Binangonan/Cardona flying site is located south-east part of Metro Manila near Pasig and Antipolo. It’s 15Km away from Ortigas/Pasig area, and 20Km from Makati. Usually it takes 1 ~ 1.5 hours driving even from NAIA airport.
The site is long spread from north to south over the Laguna lake. Main ridge is around 5Km, and total ridge is around 20Km. We fly here during Amihan(dry) season usually since October to May. Our flying site is unbelievably consistent wind with soft lift compare than other flying site. Pilot can control their wing with only weight shift without using brake line.

About flying site

This site was developed at 2017. And operating for training, and tandem flying. We have several take off and landing is near school in Cardona on left side of takeoff. And we usually top landing during tandem operation. Site have very good wind from the east, and can do soaring very easily.

Training Field

We offer training field that is 5~10 minutes driving from club house. Very wide area in front rice field. Here you can see many native kinds willing to support your training.


Our club house have many facilities include few rooms for visitors, office, warehouse for equipment, waiting area, swings, and billiard house. We are planning to put a swimming pool.

<one of swing at waiting area>

<bed room for visitors>

<billiard house>

<watching flying at office terrace>