PG Tandem Course


The best time to fly is often in the morning from 7AM to 9AM. Weather/wind can be unpredictable. To give everyone the best chance to do the tandem flight it is important to be at the meeting point (for directions see below) at the scheduled time. Best to plan for a half day (morning). The actual flight takes 10-15 min. You can book a longer flight of 20-30min for an additional fee (see RATES).


Expect hot and sunny weather. BRING ENOUGH WATER WITH YOU!
Polyester/trekking pants (shorts, not really recommended due to the sharp grasses). Any dry fit (or similar material) shirt for comfort. You can also wear leggings.
Sun protection: hat, sun block, shades, long sleeve jersey.
Outdoor shoes, trekking shoes, trail shoes or running shoes. SLIPPERS STRONGLY DISCOURAGED.
Toiletries: insect  repellant, alcohol, wipes.
Helmet: Will be provided, but if you prefer to use your own you can bring it with you.
Camera or video camera for souvenir shots; GoPro for a fee available.


PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Difficult (bus/jeepney/tricycle). If you are commuting from Manila there are frequent bus services on JAC Liner and JAM Liner which you can take from Buendia. Please check JAC/JAM Liner website for more details. Once you arrive in Carmona, disembark at Jollibee beside the toll gate. From there you can ride a tricycle or jeepney to the flysite. Plan extra time.

PICK UP FROM MANILA:  Limited to 4 pax.

Pick up strictly at the Meeting Point is at Starbucks in Paseo de MagallanesCommercial Center, and strictly on time.(usually 7am)

Costs: PHP 100 (per head / one way).
* We don’t guarantee round trip. It depends on schedule.



We recommend using Waze app with your smartphone.

And Search “LANTIC”, And you will see many location.
Choose only Lantic, Carmona, Cavite

Please check your destination looks like this. That’s exactly take-off location. You will pass by landing field. But don’t mind. 

Other driving reference

Access to the flysite in Carmona is doable with any car, even though the last 200m are offroad. There is a grasslands parking area for your vehicle. 

About 45 min drive (or approx 30 km) from Makati on SKYWAY/SLEX :

1. Exit Binan/Carmona.

2. Follow Governor’s Drive (Carmona Highway) till you reach the big new JOLLIBEE on your right 3,5 km after the Exit. It is the second JOLLIBEE ! It is also the junction going to Southwoods and there is a police station on your left.

3. Turn left and then immediately right onto Sugar Road.

4. After 1 km you reach Carmona Estates IV.

5. Follow the road on your right for approx 500m (last bit is dirt road).

6. Cross the creek (small bridge).

7. Drive to the hut next to the tree with a windsock on top.

You are at the FLYSITE !