Paragliding Tandem Flying

What is tandem paragliding?

Tandem paragliding is a heavenly adrenaline rush. No experience is necessary, your pilot will do all the hard work, you just need to run on take off then sit back and relax and enjoy the view, and don’t forget to smile for the camera.A paraglider is a free flying, foot launched aircraft.
A tandem paraglider is specifically designed to carry two people. But occasionally 3 people fly together in case of light kids.
The passenger is strapped into a harness in front of the experienced pilot.Don’t confuse paragliding with skydiving, you will not be jumping out of a plane. You will take off on the hill.

Where do we fly in Philippines?

We have a few site near in Metro Manila. And have some other sites in province too. Here are a list.Near Metro Manila

  1. Binangonan Rizal site : take off 120meter, and mountain is connected up to 200 meter high. Usually fly higher than top, and fly over Laguna lake. The benefit of Binangonan site is smooth wind. So that passenger can experience controlling glider even on first flight. Mountain have long ridge 10Km. Also you can fly over different villages, can watch beautiful scenery such as Pililia, Cardona, and Tanay on east direction, Antipolo, Metro Manila, and East Ridge golf course on north, Alabang and Tagaytay on west, Calamba on south.
  2. Carmona Cavite site : take off 80 meter high, it’s located near Carmona racing track. It has big grass field, and lots of town house and industrial town was located after landing field. Abundant thermal lift you high easily, but a little bumpy and dizzy in case of shiny day.
  3. San Mateo Rizal site: This site is highest take off in Philippines. It has 2 take off, one is 380 meter high, the other is 400 meter. Only possible to fly during rainy season (usually from April to September). Wind is quite soft and gentle thermal that lift you easily up to cloud level. Sometimes, you will feel ultimate experience in good weather condition.

Where do we land?

We usually land on landing field that is grass field. Also we do top landing that mean landing exactly same place you took off.

How much does a paragliding flight cost?

Binangonan site
1. Basic course : 3000 pesos during weekday, and 3500 pesos weekend
2. Intermediate tandem course : 4000 pesos during weekday, and 4500 pesos weekend
3. Special tandem course : 5000 pesos during weekday, and 5500 pesos weekend
Carmona site
1. Basic course : 3000 pesos during weekday, and 3500 pesos weekend
2. Intermediate tandem course : not available
3. Special tandem course : not available

(Action Cam rental 500 pesos – need to request before take off to pilot)

How long is a tandem paragliding flight?

1. Basic course : 10~15 minutes
2. Intermediate tandem course : more or less 30 minutes
3. Special tandem course : more or less 60 minutes
*  Heavy passenger flight can be have short flight (80~120Kg). It depends on wind condition.

What must I wear?

Closed shoes
Long pants and sleeves
Sunglasses can be worn in-flight

Who qualifies as a tandem paragliding passenger?

Adrenaline junkies
As long as you are healthy and weigh less than 120kgs we can fly you
children over the age of 5
Please note that 5 to 18 year olds need written parental consent

Is tandem paragliding dangerous?

Paragliding is an extreme sport, but you are in good hands with our pilots. All tandem pilots are highly experienced and certified by international or Philippines government authorized association.

Our pilots will only fly in weather that is safe. If pilot do not feel it is safe to fly, we would rather schedule you for another day. Safety is key.

Safety precautions include helmets, harnesses with back protection, reserve parachutes and careful pre-flight checks and pre-launch observation. You will be briefed before your flight, listen to your pilot, when you are told to run you must RUN, do not sit down.

About take off and landing

Take offs and landings are safe and easy.
Your paragliding pilot will brief you on take off and landing procedures before your flight.
It is important that you trust your pilot and listen carefully to what he has to say.
Take off requires a few steps, once airborne you will be instructed to sit comfortably in your harness.
Landings are on a specific area of grass or beach sand and require that you stand up in the harness and take a few steps as you touch the ground.

Can I bring my own camera?

You are welcome to use your own camera as long as you hold tight and your insurance policy is up to date, we cannot be held responsible for your camera being dropped a few hundred meters while we are doing a wing over with you. Friends and family are welcome to take photos during take off and landing. Your pilot will have a camera that is tightly strapped to his harness during the flight, you can rent GoPro for 500 pesos. But don’t forgot to bring your memory card, or other portable storage.

How do I make payment?

We recommend 50% advance deposit through bank or PayPal to validate booking. However we following up non advance deposit. But we have many unexpected booking coming with advance deposit. We can’t keep priority higher for the booking without advance deposit.

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes, you can arrange this with us when making your booking. We can either email you a voucher or print a voucher for you. Please let us know if there is a special occasion that you would like us to help you celebrate.

How many people can fly at the same time?

We can arrange up to 5 pilots specially in Carmona site, so yes you and your loved one, friends or family can all fly at the same time. This does not mean that you will all be flying in the same paraglider, might sound like a stupid answer but we have been asked “how many people can fly in that thing at the same time”, it is a tandem paraglider which means two people.

Do you give discounts for group bookings?

Yes for groups of five people or more. Please request discount when you are making your booking. Please note a 50% deposit is required for a group booking.

Are there any refunds?

If you have paid in advance and we can’t fly due to weather conditions we will happily refund you in full. Or, we can reschedule for another day.

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