Our rate can be changed without notice. All rate is applying for the passenger who booked through our website.

Tandem Course
Flight Time
GoProRatepassenger control
Regular10~15 not included3,000p weekday
3,500p weekend
Intermediate20~30 included 4,000p weekday
5,000p weekend
Yes. But depends on weather condition.
(XC flying)
40~60 included 6,000p weekday
7,000p weekend
But depends on weather condition.
  • We recommend regular course who want to try first time.
  • Intermediate and Special course is for who want to learn paragliding or professional purpose. It can cause dizziness or vomit in case of rough weather condition.
  • Discount policy : 10% in case of more than 5 passenger, Silver discount, birthday, and etc. Please inquire detail