Flying sites in Philippines

There’s are many flying sites near Metro Manila such as Binangonan, Carmona, San Mateo, Angono(East Ridge), Morong, and Tanay. Mainly we flying in Binanonan, Carmona, and San Mateo sites which are near Metro Manila more or less 1 hour driving. Occasionally, we fly Montalban, Angono, and Tanay by the season.

First frontier who developed these sites is Jonathan Tayamora, who engaged hanggliding few decade ago. Recently we (Cloudbase paragliding club) are the one developing sites for better flying environment.

We are not focusing only take off and landing, but also flying route for cross country flying.

We are providing tandem flying in Binangonan, Cazrmona, and San Mateo.

Most of these places are higher mountain 200~400 meters high. So that passenger or pilot can enjoy wider spectacular scenery.

Our goal developing all of these sites is building good flying information, so that we can host Philippines paragliding & handgliding league and world championship some day. (Still need more development)

We welcome foreign pilot to visit our site, and we can provide equipment rental, and lesson courses.

See you soon.