challenge course

Challenge Course – 1 day :

This challenge course proving you can experience solo flying on training hill in 1 day.
This program is operating to provide paragliding lesson for everyone even who scared of height. And it help you drastically shorten your training period.
We will teach you how to control the paraglider on the field. And you will train by yourself with support of our instructor or helper.
After few hours training, now you ready to fly on slope. You can rise up glider and fly. It’s not so high, but you can fly down all the way on slope.
You can do the right and left turn a little, and landing.

We recommend this course for group or team with your friends or coworker. It’s perfect for team building also. Welcome your inquiry.

The course included

paragliding lecture (principal of gliding)
how to set up glider (canopy, and harness)
ground handling – how to take off (front & reverse take off)
how to land and control glider
take off and landing practice 10~15 meters height
all equipment are included (canopy, harness, helmet, radio, and etc)
usually morning session is 3 hours, afternoon is 3 hours. Total 6 hours.
Amount : 3,000P per student (one group is 2~5 students)

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