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Grab last chance flying in Binangonan before end of season

Hi everyone.

2018 early season was really beautiful and we had many many beautiful flights with all of our visitors.

Still we have 2 months before rainy season to fly. And we are providing many promos through out agency or direct contact to us.

Hope to see you soon…


We are happy to announce releasing new paragliding tandem courses as follow.

Fly and Control courses are providing passenger to control glider during flying. You will have a lesson how to control before take off. And you will have a chance to control glider. You will feel lift, speed, and turning by your own control. But don’t worry our instructor will guide you how to control safely. And you will have great photos will be taken by instructor.

New course we providing is not only for first flying passenger but also beginner & intermediate pilot who need more training.


Basic tandem course : 3,000 – 3,500p

  • pilot control
  • 15~20 minutes flying
  • recommending first tandem trial passenger

Intermediate tandem course : 4,000 – 4,500p

  • passenger/pilot control (Fly and Control)
  • 30~40 minutes flying
  • recommending tandem flying experience

Special tandem course : 5,000-5,500p

  • passenger/pilot control (Fly and Control)
  • more than 1 hour flying
  • video recording included


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