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Binangonan is our main flying site.

Our club house is located just beside of take off, and it has beautiful lake view.
You can enjoy scenery 360 from Manila, Alabang, Tagaytay, Calamba, Tanay, and Antipolo with spectacular scenery.

The benefit of this place is laminar wind compare than other flying site in Philippines. However it has very soft thermal that generated thermal from shallow water and beach. If you fly far from ridge and you can get stronger thermal from another island.

<facing Binangonan & Alabang>

<facing Tanay & East Ocean>



  1. By Driving (Highly recommend 2nd Option)
    1. Non traffic condition
      Ortagas Ave.(Ortigas-Pasig-Cainta) ->
      Manila East Road(Tikling -Taytay – Angono – Binangonan) ->
      Turn Right on San Juan Height Subdivision before West Point SubdivisionReference pictures from here

      < passing Cainta intersection >

      < passing Tikling intersection, turn right>

      < passing Taytay >

      < Passing Angono, Keep left, (strait will pass downtown) >

< after Binangonan, direction mark>

< enterance of  San Juan Height Subdivision>

< If you see West Pointe Subdivision on right side, just go back one block>

<if you drive strait 500 meters, you will see some flat area>

< You need to turn left in narrow road in front of small store – entering Pitallo st>

< after few hundred meter, you will see Pepsi store. This’s destination /End of Pitallo st >


  1. Traffic Condition (recommend during weekday and rush hour)
    Ortagas Ave.(Ortigas – Dr Sixto Antonio Ave. Intersection – East Bank Road – Taytay Angono Costal Road) -> Manila Ease Road(Angono – Binangonan)

< Turn right on Dr Sixto Antonio Ave. Intersection… Deep right turn>

< Like this Jeepney>

< Turn Left on East Bank Road, and Keep driving strait until Manila East Road>
And reference first instruction after Manila East Road

  1. Ride C5 driving from Alabang, Paranaque, and SLEX
    Drive until the end of C6 -> Sampaguita St. -> Ejercito Ave.(Right turn) -> Turn right on East Bank Road after Barkadahan Bridge -> East Bank Road – Taytay Angono Costal Road) -> Manila Ease Road(Angono – Binangonan)

< End of C6 and going to Sampaguita St.>

<Ejercito Ave. — Right turn>

<Turn right on East Bank Road after Barkadahan Bridge>

  1. By Bus (UV Express)
    1. You can ride UV EXPRESS going to direct to Binangonan in STARMALL – Shaw/ EDSA . Very convenient.
    2. Drop on Triangle in front of Binangonan city.
    3. Ride a tricycle and ask to drive to BRGY MAHABANG PARANG upside, and ask to drive end of PITALLO Street.

We can arrange pick up service with minimum charge from bus station to flying site if you having hard time going to flying site.

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